Google to Eliminate Third Party Cookies in Chrome – What’s Next

Third Party Cookies

In August 2019, search engines take an initiative that is known as Privacy Sandbox. According to this initiative, search engines want to make the browser private for the users. That’s why Google has also given us a piece of news in the first week of January 2020. According to this news, Google will eliminate third party cookies from its browser in the next two years. It means that Google is not blocking the third-party cookies right now. This news is not good news for the creators as well as business owners like dissertation writing services. Its reason is that by using third party cookies, it is easy for the search engines to track online activities of the users and by tracking online activities of the users, these search engines serve relevant ads. As a result, creators are able to generate enough revenue from their content.

After this news, a new discussion has started in the online world and this discussion is about the serving of ads. Its reason is that Google Adsense is known as the world’s biggest ads serving network and lots of advertisers and creators trust on it. It has maintained its quality because it is serving the best ads to the right users. For this reason, Google is using cookies. With the help of these cookies, it is possible for Google to get some specific information about online users. This information is given below;

  • Google is able to get information about session of your internet usage.
  • It gets information about the time when you use the internet.
  • It also gets information about your online activities.
  • Google can also get an idea about your IP address.

All of these things are helpful for Google in various ways. First of all, it is helpful for Google to show the best results to the users according to their interests. Secondly, it is also helpful for Google to show the best and relevant ads to users. By showing best and relevant ads to the users, most of the advertisers trust on Google.

Besides Google, there are also some other ad publishing companies that are using third party cookies in order to get an idea about the online activities of the users. On the basis of these online activities, these companies also serve ads for users. According to the report of an insurance company, if someone is looking for the ways to quit smoking and the cookies of the publishing platform tell the publishing company that someone is searching smoking, there is a possibility that this company will serve ads relevant to smoking on it. This will create some problems for the users. Sometimes, there is also a possibility that after gathering private information of the users, these companies sell this information to others. In order to save the users from these kinds of problems, it is necessary for the ads publishing networks that they should eliminate third party cookies.

By keeping in mind the privacy of the users, some other browsers like Brave and Safari have eliminated the support for the third-party cookies. Now, a question comes to the minds of the users that why Google is not eliminating third-party cookies right now. Google has provided the answer to this question. According to Google, they eliminate the cookies from Chrome right now, it will last a bad impact on the search results. Therefore, they require at least two years for the elimination of third party cookies from Chrome.

According to the latest news of Google, it seems that Google is taking it seriously and it has started work on the elimination of third-party cookies from Google. It will last impact not only on the advertisers but also on the users. It means that advertisers will not be able to show suitable ads to the right customers and users will not be able to see ads according to their interests. It means that lots of ads impressions will be aimless because lots of people will be seeing these ads and these people don’t have any kind of interest in these kinds of products and services.

Now, lots of people are thinking that if Google eliminates third party cookies from Chrome, what will be the next step of Google in order to win the trust of the advertisers and users. As we know that Google is taking this step for the privacy of the users. In the future, there is a possibility that Google will introduce such a browser which will provide the privacy-protected user experience and it will also show the targeted ads to the users.