Factors That Can Create Hurdles In Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is the dream of every student, which is only possible with hard work. In this way, there are factors that lead to success and reduce hurdles. An effective way of teaching and clear communication are vital to achieving academic achievement. In contrast to it, family stress develops hurdles. Teachers, students and parents should focus on solutions and support an effective learning method to boost academic performance and ensure it. There is no rocket science other than hard work and attention to reduce these hurdles.

While studying at any level of education, students try to focus on the study material. They communicate with teachers if there is any issue related to understanding. Parents focus on a stress-free climate for students to get academic achievements for children. Gender discrimination and bullying is the main hurdle that affects student performance. Effective collaboration of all stakeholders manage these issues and provide a solution. These are different for every student due to individual differences. The teacher observes this thing and assigns the academic work like masters dissertation based on the ability and capacity of students. It helps to reduce hurdles and support an effective way of learning. This article describes significant factors that can create hurdles for academic achievement.

Importance and Needs of Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is the result of students hard work and motivates them to focus more on studies to get high grades and compete with others in the class. Without motivation and appreciation, it is impossible to succeed in academic life. Thus, it is essential to success for students and reduce hurdles. When teachers observe their children are getting high grades, they will focus more on the needs of education. Through this practice, it is possible to develop a stress-free learning atmosphere. It also reduces issues of communication and discrimination. These are the needs and importance of academic achievement for students.

Factors That Can Create Hurdles in Academic Achievement

Working on students’ success and practical learning is not without facing hurdles. Below are factors that reduce the chances of academic achievement. Thus, it is crucial to manage these hazards and support an effective learning process. Followings are significant factors that can create hurdles for it.

Poor Communication

Communication has a significant role in the academic achievement of a student because it makes things clear and easy to understand, which results in high performance. Poor communication may be due to lack of confidence, shame, and formal setting lead to failure. It is impossible to succeed in academic tasks without effective communication. Bilingualism and teachers’ way of deliverance are other factors that lead to poor communication. So, in this context, academic achievement is not possible for students when there is poor communication. It is the responsibility of the teacher and parent to ensure the proper learning of children. In this way, effective communication is possible to deal with this hurdle.

Stressful Learning Atmosphere

It is the responsibility of a teacher to develop a stress-free learning atmosphere. But the issues of pressure from management, delay in tasks and ignorance of students’ ability to learn lead to a stressful situation. In this way, teaching students for high academic achievement is impossible. It may also develop more complications for teachers and students. Due to the high pressure of work and grades, the student does not perform well. These factors led to hurdles for academic achievement and affected the student’s success.


It is critical to behave with students and discriminate based on gender, ethnic, and ethnicity during academic life. It leads to the feeling of inferiority and result in low confidence. Further, it is important to treat every student without special concern and support the learning process to motivate them. When biased standards for evaluation are practised by teachers, then it hinders academic achievement. So, it is a significant factor that is affecting academic achievement.

Language Barriers

The language barrier is a vital factor that can create hurdles for academic success. Having a different language other than teaching leads to understanding issues. It develops decay in student performance and affects academic achievement. Learning material in mother provides an in-depth understanding. While studying in a different language is difficult to get success. Thus, the language barrier is an important factor that affects academic achievement.

Family Stress

When students are in the learning process, parents have different expectations. They refuse the abilities and interests of the children. In this way, it leads to family pressure to get high grades. Due to having no interest in the subjects and parents’ expectations, students feel family stress led to hurdles for them in getting high academic achievement. In this situation, performing well is not possible for students. Parents must know about children capacity and interests. When things ensured by family, it will reduce the hurdles of family stress in performing well.

Individual Differences

Every person is not equal in getting the points of the same concept. Although everyone has a sense of understanding, it does not work the same for both. There are individual differences that differentiate one from the other. Some students are sharp learners, but few are slow learners. In this way, including all students with the same learning atmosphere is not adequate to succeed. These are the main factors that create hurdles for academic achievement. It is teachers’ core responsibility to manage the students according to their abilities. In this way, it is possible to resolve the hurdles of individual differences.

Recommendations and Conclusion to Reduce Hurdles in Academic Achievement

There are various strategies and tools to reduce the hurdles of academic achievement. But there is a need for concentration and hard work to stick with the process of improvement. The first thing is to reduce the issues of the language barrier. Try to provide the learning material in the mother tongue to reduce the issues of the language barrier. It is the responsibility to behave with all students with the same attitude. It will help to reduce the issues of discrimination. In this way, it will motivate students to achieve academic achievement and ensure hard work. These are important strategies to resolve the issues of academic achievement.