Some Must Have Features of a Great Android Smartphone

Great Android SmartphoneThere is a wide range of consumers for great smartphones and every consumer wants something else from his or her phone. A large number of companies are manufacturing smartphones and while there are a number of common features among them, there are some features that make these smartphones very easy and comfortable to use. This article highlights some important features that every smartphone should have which go a long way in making it a significant part of a user’s life specially while getting cheap essay writing service using Android applications. These must have features of a great smartphone make selection and buying a smartphone easy and go a long way in making life enjoyable.


The Right Platform: When it comes to buying a smartphone, choosing one with the right platform is very important. There are three choices in the market right now; Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android smartphone, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Android smartphone and iOS the most popular operating systems right now while the Microsoft’s Windows Phone is still trying to make it place in the market and attract consumers. Every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has the iOS system and it is really easy to use and satisfies customers but android smartphone is also making its presence known with some of the best smartphones making their way to the market using this platform. Being developing by google, android is best for people who use google services and want to enjoy unlimited variety on the go.


Hardware: It is very important to check out the hardware of a smartphone before buying it. From a big screen to great resolution, there is a lot that users need to see before buying their new companion. Whether it is made of steel or metal or has a plastic body, the users need to make sure it will serve them well.


Good Battery Life: A good smartphone must have a good battery life as stronger batteries can last for days while average batteries can create a lot of trouble because it is no use having a good phone if it does not work. It is important to know that smartphones drain batteries a lot faster than other phones and in order to make sure that they remain connected to the world, it is essential for users to ensure they buy a phone with good battery life.


Camera: Camera is an essential part of smartphones now and before paying so much money for their new device, users should also check out the camera and the images it offers. As the craze for taking pictures and selfies and sharing them is on the rise, it is necessary to have the right camera phone which provides sharp and clear images.


Software: Along with hardware, software is also very important for buying a smartphone because it is used for writing conclusion for a thesis and users must make sure their phones have the latest and most productive features which are as asset and make it really easy for the users to enjoy their phones. There are important features that all smartphones must have in order to help users enjoy their devices.