How to Write Conclusion of the Dissertation

Conclusion of DissertationThe conclusion is very important part of the thesis as it includes the findings of a dissertation under study. The conclusion is a key part of thesis therefore it should be written in an appropriate way because you have spent a lot of time to complete other parts of thesis to get results. A student should spend time for writing a good conclusion, as it is part where you contend that you contributed to information. Conclusion part includes what is and where implication you discussed. Conclusion part should not be long like other chapters of the thesis. Appealing and unique dissertation is vital to provide a prospect to present rational and logical views concerning a particular topic of research. Concluding part of the thesis is significant part that presents the recommendations and outcomes regarding research work.


In addition, if thesis does not reflect any attractive conclusion, then you are projecting your low efforts of analyzing data. Conclusion contains observation of any consequence that results from discussion of a topic and the need for future research. It also provides direction for future research that can help other researcher. Conclusion pursues to classify the policy and theoretical implications of research with respect to inclusive study area. It must include the answers of research questions. However, the important part of thesis conclusion includes limitations and strengths of each issue that highlighted in your dissertation. Often students prefer to hire cheap dissertation writing service providers to get it done.


Concluding part must integrate all parts of arguments and denotes the reader to focus that you outlined in central topic and introduction. In conclusion, part the limitation that you have faced while conducted research should be included. It should also present overall view that highlights the topic of a dissertation, research design availability of relevant resources and sample size. While writing a conclusion of dissertation it is important to give a brief summary of whole research work and then present strengths, limitation of the study and recommendation & suggestions. An ideal conclusion does not require being too long, but it should be informative, vivid, comprehensive, relevant and informative in depicting rationality and views concerning research area.


The conclusion should be written in such a way that it incorporates crisp and precise information related to the facts that are included in the main body and the introduction part of the dissertation. The conclusion of the dissertation should not include irrelevant data because other researcher often only reads the conclusion and abstract of the dissertation to get its detail. Good dissertation should explain and refer to questions highlighted in research work in order to ensure validity of it. In conclusion, part of dissertation students have to put some future recommendations and personal thoughts relating to the future research to the reader. It will help reader to get the recommendations about study for the future.


The recommendations will emphasize your knowledge and rationality. Therefore, it is vital to present thoughts and opinion in a precise manner. Recommendation and suggestion part tells the current scenario of the study future research. Conclusion can include the significance of the study. The student should take care not to include new source or current idea in the conclusion of the dissertation.