How To Explain Methodology In The Proposal/Dissertation?

The methodology is the name of a theoretical analysis that is done by a student in order to collect the data during the dissertation writing task. You will have to provide a complete detail about your research design not in the dissertation, but also in the dissertation proposal. Its reason is that it provides all the information regarding your research design in it like a theoretical model, different phases of conducting the research, and a complete detail about the research method that you have used in order to collect the data. If you are not able to explain the methodology in your dissertation, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. The methodology section should be written according to the guidelines of the supervisor. Here, we will provide some important tips that are helpful for the students to explain the methodology section in the dissertation proposal as well as in the dissertation.

  • Study design

The first part of the methodology chapter is known as the study design. The most important factors that should be explained in this important part of the methodology are given below;

  1. Explain the current knowledge about the dissertation topic
  2. There are various types of the study like the descriptive style of study, analytical style of study, Interventional style of study, and so on. You should select one of them and provide its explanation.
  3. A complete explanation of all the variables that you are going to evaluate during the dissertation writing process.
  4. An explanation about the consumption of time to gather the data from the different resources.
  5. Try to explain all the feasibility issues in order to design the study.
  • Selection criteria and methods

After writing down the study design, there comes the selection criteria and methods part of the methodology. The most important factors in this regard are also given below;

  1. Provide an explanation of all the ethical considerations during the data collection process.
  2. Provide an explanation of the settings of the study with respect to the time as well as place.
  3. Never forget to provide an explanation about the different demographic conditions in the methodology section.
  4. Provide an explanation of all the instruments that you have used in order to gather the data for your dissertation or thesis
  5. To collect the data, we will have to do the longitudinal studies. Therefore, we should try to provide an explanation about this procedure too.
  • Data collection

To provide an explanation about the data collection process is the most important component of the methodology chapter of your dissertation. You should try to provide an explanation about the different measurable variables, different instruments that are used to collect the data, and different bias controls.

  • Data analysis

At the end of the methodology chapter of your dissertation, you should provide an explanation of all the analytical techniques that you have used in order to collect the data for your dissertation. In the data analysis, there comes the complete explanation about the descriptive statistics and the use of the different software for the data analysis process.