Instruction fro students to work on the format and draught their writings

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Writing is the important part of your study and educational career, but elaborate, well demarcated and well structured writings are always preferred by the teachers, supervisors and all other readers who read your write ups.

Writing something is fine, but writing it in a proper format and style is not an easy task. Students’ used to lose their marks in such actions and activities of writings. Sometime it happens to students that they write their assignments or other writing stuffs in a very short time period, but they spend a lot of time in composing and editing as well as formatting the text.

It totally depends upon the ability of the students about writing something in a proper manner. And your style of writing, formatting, editing and layout of your whole text or a document. If you want to impress your instructor, teacher, supervisor or your teachers through your writings, you have to develop your writing skills according to the given instructions of your teachers. Even if your instructor doesn’t give you any sort of instructions.  You can take help from different books, articles and samples of the academic writings online from the internet very effortlessly.

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Most of the students are well aware of the formal writing skills and they did their best to get good grades in their subjects, similarly, some of the students are also well known about these styles but they don’t know how to use them properly, they basically got confused. The quality of your text should be very high and in an appropriate format. Mostly, students guess the format styles and edit their texts without taking information from others books and at the end they lose their marks.

There some important instructions and tips for students to get good marks in their writings while following certain tips to edit their work.

Firstly, you need to learn about the formatting style of different fields accordingly. There are different fields like psychology, mathematics, economics and English. Every subject is different from each other so their style or writing as well as formatting and editing will also be different accordingly.

Secondly, pay attention to the rules of grammar as well as punctuation marks. You need to know about the proper use of spacing, double spacing, and margins as well as headings as so on.  Similarly, you ought to be concerned about the use of writing style, typing style, drafting style and other things related to writing format.

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Thirdly, you need to be well aware of using the format. Sometime it happens that students do not follow the proper pattern of writings and they create confusions for themselves as well as for the teachers and got sick of writing styles.

They can easily take help from the books that are mostly available in book banks as well as they can also take help from the internet. On the internet, there are so many samples of writing styles and formats for the students about their fields of studies.