5 Ways Twitter Destroyed My Dissertation Writing Service without Me Noticing

Twitter Destroyed My Dissertation

Twitter Destroyed My DissertationTwitter has become an important part of every student’s live as more and more people are turning towards social media with every passing day. No matter in which part of the world the students live or study, they are connecting to social media websites especially twitter with help of their smartphones and devices. By just writing a limited number of words and expressing their thoughts and read the thoughts of others in the same way, the students enjoy twittering a lot and spend more and more time checking out what others have to say and what they can contribute to the chat.


Along with students, there are people from other walks of life too who love to stay connected with their friends and family and enjoy the social feed collected from all over the world on this social networking platform. Dissertation writing services are also an important part of the internet industry that are working day and night on the web and serving students with top quality and custom papers. Just like students use twitter for pleasure and social connections, in the same way dissertation writing service use twitter for business and getting more clients.


Twitter is a great way to stay connected but its overused or abused, it can become a great problem for businesses and there are many dissertation writing services that have suffered at the hands of twitter without them noticing what is happening. This article helps dissertation writing services understand how twitter destroyed dissertation writing services without them knowing how it happened:


The first step towards dissertation writing service destruction was when every employee of starting excessive usage of the twitter and kept on checking their account on the social networking website all the time. Instead of focusing on work, everyone was giving more time to their social connections.


Whether it was writers, researchers or editors, all were too much into social networking with Facebook and instead of working; they were chatting or making new friends. This led to deterioration in the quality of work and they began to produce low quality papers.


Getting too much into social networking and making more connections, only a few dissertation writing service providers keep an eye on the quality of work but mostly get side tracked and instead of focusing on completion of orders they get more into connection making which can lead to serious problems for them. Students need quality more than anything else and if they got low quality papers, they stop working with them and instead of building their business, the dissertation writing services lose business.


Dissertation writing services are simply unable to deliver the papers to students on time when they get too much into socializing on the web. While they were able to get lots of orders due to their twitter presence, yet it becomes very hard to keep up the deliveries.


Too much use of twitter destroyed dissertation writing services without them noticing by keeping everyone engaged in chit chat and socializing. No one is present to respond to students’ queries on time or respond to them as needed and thus precious business is lost this way.